Five Best

1.  As always, a bit of music to enjoy while browsing this week's links.  I love that version of It Beats 4 U by a solo Jim James.

2. I know that you've already seen this but it has to be included right?  And this is pretty amazing too.

3.  I would like to live inside of this blog for a while.

4.  Here's what I've been listening to and watching this week while working:
     - This Design Matters podcast.
     - This documentary.
     - When is the next episode of Parenthood airing?  I caught up this week and I am ready for more.
     - I listened to this All Songs Considered episode.
     - Alias on Netflix - Last Fall I bought the complete series on eBay for $13.99 (!!) and I was promptly refunded my money because it was "out of stock".  I've been waiting for it to come to Netflix ever since.

5.  Currently loving:  this look,  this hat and this quote.  I'd like to try: this recipe, this DIY and this hairstyle (and the lipstick for that matter - I wonder if I could pull that bright shade off...).

Image:  White Mountain National Forest :: Rebecca Tollefsen


  1. 'This must be the Place' One of my top 5 songs ever. This is always in my ipod rotation...has been for years. It's just soooooo good. Miss you and the little one!

    1. Such a great song right? I also love the song Heaven by the TH. Miss you too!