Five Best

1.  As always, some music to listen to while you browse this week's links.  Last month, on our way back from Portland, ME, we listened to Alabama Shakes perform at the Newport Folk Festival.

2.  If The Exorcist was a sitcom.

3.  For John:  The beautiful branding of beer.

4.  Things I've watched & listened to this week while working:
     -A Kinder, Gentler Philosophy of Success & Ethel
     -This episode of This American Life (I almost cried at one of the stories but was able to reign it in)
     -The Regina Spektor Fresh Air Interview
     -I am on the hunt for new shows so I tried Nashville.  It stars Tami Taylor, I mean Connie Britton ;) who I love from Friday Night Lights (don't let the looks of FNL deceive you.  I thought it was just another silly show but ended up watching the entire series last summer and it is 110% wonderful).  And I am enjoying Nashville so far too.
5.  Currently loving: this list of recipes, good neutrals, this home and these cozy looks:  one, twothree and four.

You can see all Five Best posts here.  Happy Halloween!

Image:  Rebecca Tollefsen


  1. 1) SUPER jealous you got to see Alabama Shakes. They are amazing.

    2) The Regina Spektor Fresh Air is so good. SO GOOD.

    3) Almost as good as FNL. It is so good to have Tami Taylor back on my screen, y'all.

    1. Hi Kate!

      Oh my goodness I wish we saw Alabama Shakes - we just listened to the podcast. I WISH we were at that show!!

      I agree - Nashville is good but almost as good as FNL. The characters are a little bit similar which I love. I live in New England and want to say "hey y'all" constantly. LOVE her.

      Have a great weekend Kate!