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Around The Studio

Some photos from around the new studio.

- This tiny tool is one that I use often for several 'procedures' throughout the day.

- A sunny afternoon in the studio.

-  Adding thank you notes to each package before heading the the post office.

-  A bridal consultation at the studio.

-  I've been trying to bring in fresh flowers to the studio each week.  I've also installed some shelving and brought plants in as I continue to cozy it up here.

Images: Rebecca Tollefsen


Five Best

As always I've included a mini mix to listen to while browsing this week's links - click the player above to listen along (email & feed subscribers click into the post for the player). The playlist is featured on grooveshark which is not supported by Safari. You can listen to it on any other internet browser.

1.  This song by Tweedy (Jeff Tweedy w/ his son) with Lucius. Love cool collaborations like this. 

2. Warm weather lovers unite.  Five must see parks this summer.

3. Apparently creepy Tumblrs are a thing:  this and this.

4. Happy adopted dogs heading to their new homes.

5. Advice from Hunter S. Thompson.

Archive of Five Best posts.

Image: Rebecca Tollefsen via instagram


Around the Studio

Some shots from around the industrial mill mill where my studio is located.

- The building my studio is in.  I've always been fascinated by the industrial mill town and even took a course on the history of the mills in college.  I started a personal photography project documenting little scenes from the mill district where my studio is located.  The mill district has a rich history from an interesting time period.  When I think back through the years our wedding reception was held in one of the renovated mill spaces. I went to college in another renovated mill space.  I've worked in two renovated mill spaces and lived in the row house neighborhoods that used to house the mill workers for easy access to the mills for their demanding work schedules. The history of the mills and the redevelopment of the spaces in this town fascinating.  

My dad has been a huge help in getting my studio off the ground. He's cleaned and painted the walls (no small feat - they were a mess in more ways than one!). He washed the floors three times, repaired a clock and repaired/spraypainted a storage cabinet. He also delivered this trash bin to me. I'm very thankful and super lucky. My dad is the best! 

- The elevator in my building.

- Over the past eight months or so I've been collecting vintage chairs for my studio space.  It started with this one which was a holiday gift from my mom for my shipping table.  Then my mom and I found the copper and chrome wire chair pictured above.  I am recovering the seat of the chair and this photo was taken on a day when I was playing around with different fabric options.  I have a three other chairs that I'll share later on once I get a chance to take a photo of them.  I'm hunting down one last seat but haven't found that perfect chair yet from any of my vintage/antique/secondhand sources.  If you have any good leads on that sort of thing let me know.

-  A shot of the timeworn floors and beams in my studio space from when I first moved in.  So full of history - its neat to think about all of the things that have taken place in these spaces for years and years before me.

Images: Rebecca Tollefsen

Playlist May 2014

Some music I listened to during May 2014.  I'm excited to see Lucius and Deer Tick next month.  Listen along right here.

1. Waiting on The Day - Tall Tall Trees
2. Mean Streets - Tennis
3. Lights Out, Words Gone - Bombay Bicycle Cluc
4. Turn It Around, Live - Lucius
5. Nothing to Show For - Nathaniel Radcliffe
6. Only For You - Heartless Bastards
7. Spend The Night - Deer Tick
8. Everlasting Light - The Black Keys

Image: Rebecca Tollefsen


Around the Studio

I'm really falling in love with my new space.  I've been setting up and people have been starting to visit.

- photo of my bench just after I set it up last month.
- a photo of a section of my shipping station just before setting it up. I've since switched it around a bit.
- my bench just after moving in and prior to setting it up.
- a couple of days after I moved in I had a photo shoot in the new space and this is a behind the scenes of Andrea putting on a necklace for the shoot.

Images: Rebecca Tollefsen


March 2014 Playlist

Hi There! I uploaded a new playlist of songs that I've been listening to a lot in the month of March.  It includes quite a few live songs.  Listen along right here:  March 2014 Playlist

Evil (Live) - Phox
How Loud Your Heart Gets (Live) - Lucius
In Memoriam - The Oh Hellos
On The Run - Westward The Tide
Distant Light (Live) - Dr. Dog
Song For Zula - Phosphorescent
Doubt - Wye Oak
Roll On (Live) - Josh Ritter

Also, did you know that 8tracks has an app?  I just found it about a month ago.  I've been plugging my phone into my speakers while I am cleaning, etc. Thought I'd share because I'm really enjoying it lately and thought you might too.

Image:  Rebecca Tollefsen