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  1. Anonymous10:07:00 AM

    I am pregnant and if I have a girl, we are deciding between two names. One is Evangeline. You like the song, but do you like the name?

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    1. Hi Bhrett! What a sweet little note to leave me. Thank you! I have been out straight with Mother's Day/wedding orders and have been pretty much been working around the clock to keep up to speed. I have missed being here and your thoughtful comments and I have a few other posts I hope to get up this week. Thanks again for this sweet note!

  3. @anonymous:
    This might be the best comment I've ever recieved! I love to talk names - especially baby names! I love the name Evangeline - so beautiful. I always judge a name by the nicknames you can use from it and Evangeline has several options like Eva and Evie (love this option!!). The name Evangeline on its own is really pretty and is a really beautiful choice. With all of that being said I wonder what the other options could be?!

  4. Anonymous3:55:00 PM

    Talking names is so much fun, isn't it? Yes, Evangeline has many great nicknames too. It's such a beautiful name, really. The other option in Anna, which if we chose, Evangeline would be the middle. We'll squeeze it in there one way or another.