Five Best

1. Click above to listen to some music while browsing this week's links.

2.  This looks like it will be equal parts entertaining, interesting and sweet.

3.  I watched an online seminar about Pinterest yesterday and it got me in the mood to pin a bit last night. I pinned to  this board in preparation for some smoothie making next week.  With John being gone during the week it is easy to make a smoothie for breakfast or lunch and take it along with me, etc.  I also plan on freezing some smoothie dots for Sylas. I keep seeing versions of this around the internet. The dots pictured are made from yogurt and I thought it might also work with various smoothie recipes as well.

4.  What about this website?  It's sole focus is to highlight sweet moments captured on film - most of them from weddings.  I like this one, this one and this one.

5.  I came across a new blog on Tuesday and loved this idea.  Such a fun (and affordable!) way to breath a life into your closet if you are getting bored of what you currently have going on.  A little wine, a little cheese, your best pals and some lovingly used clothing items to swap - sounds great to me.

I hope everyone is gearing up to have a great Spring weekend!  I think it might be sunny and warm in New England which will be a nice change from the cold damp days we've had kicking around this week.

Image and design: Rebecca Tollefsen


  1. Excellent links! I saved the Moment Junkie site to refer back to later: I especially love those un-posed wedding photos!

    1. I love that site. Anything that highlights the happier times in life and you can count me in! Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!