Five Best

#1. I subscribe to the NPR live concerts podcast so I can listen while I work.  They have a host of up and coming bands and some music makers that have already made their mark. Recently Bon Iver played The 9:30 Club and opened with this song (I would skip to one minute in - that's when the music begins and it is well worth it).  Click to listen while browsing the rest of the links.

#2. Magic Sauce - need I say more? 

#3. The main character of the blog The Chronicles of Corbin is SO CUTE.  Really, he is.

#4. This is a hilarious post  that made me smile.  I often find sterling silver wire scrap in my own.

#5.  And my most favorite thing that will soon be joining the web:  John is set to host his own interview feature here on the blog!  He's been jiving with some of the most interesting folks both locally and from around the web.  Stay tuned as we are not sure when it will all come together.

Image and design:  Rebecca Tollefsen

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