First Concert

Wordless Chorus, Encore at the Boston 2011 Show

We got to go to the My Morning Jacket show in Boston this month.  To be honest, we almost didn't go down to the show.  On the night of the concert we were both tired, feeling a bit down and staying home to relax on a dreary Sunday night sounded very appealing.  When My Morning Jacket came to town last year we wanted to see them so badly but Sy was a only three weeks old so we waited patiently until they came around again.  Thankfully they released an album and planned a tour this summer.  On the night of the show we ended up rallying and hopped into the car.  We arrived just in time for the band to take the stage.We wore Sy for most of the night in our backpack.  He did a fair amount of pointing and some sweet backpack dance moves.  He loved looking around at all the lights, people and action.  I can't wait to share so much music with him as he grows. 

Something that really spoke to me about My Morning Jacket's tour is that proceeds from each show go to each a local charity in each city they played in.  The band chose the Boston charity Artists for Humanity for show we attended.

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