Five Best Things On The Web No. 53

1. As always I've included a mini mix to listen to while browsing this week's links - click the player above to listen along (email & feed subscribers click into the post for the player). The playlist is featured on grooveshark which is not supported by Safari. You can listen to it on any other internet browser.

2. Check out this page for a dose of complete sweetness.

3. The March 2014 issue of BeadStyle Magazine includes an interview with me where I discuss building your brand.

4. Oliva Pope's coats.  Oliva Pope's gowns.  Oliva Pope for President.

5. Currently loving: these words, this winter weekend look & my current herbal tea blend. This is such a pretty updo. Does anyone have any tips on how to do my hair like that?

Image: Rebecca Tollefsen

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