Five Best From Around The Web

1. As always some music to listen to while browsing this week's links - click the player above to listen (email & feed subscribers click into the post for the player).  The playlist is featured on grooveshark which is not supported by Safari.  It can be viewed on any other browser.

2.  I've been peeling through this interview series.  So fascinating.

3.  I have a B.A. in family communication which is probably why I enjoy these kinds of articles.  

4.  What I've been watching and listening to while working this week:

- Mad Men Season 5 just came out on Netflix and I've been starting to get caught up on that.  Do you watch?  The new season starts on Sunday.
- I also watched a couple of TED talks:  Michael Parrish DuDell, Amanda Palmer and Alison Lebovitz.

- I've watched some of The Up Series documentaries on Netflix so this Fresh Air podcast with the director of the series was interesting.
- I listened to this William H. Macy Fresh Air interview that aired in January (John and I just started Shameless Season #3).
-Are you listening to any good music?  I am looking for some new stuff to add to my rotation so pass along what you've been listening to lately in the comments below, by tweeting or messaging me.

5. Currently loving: this cute collarthese cups (!!), the looks of this recipe, another top with a beautiful back (see more here), the future means of employment for John and I,  this pot and THIS (I feel like I have probably linked this before because it is ridiculously sweet).

I hope you are enjoying your Spring weekend!

Image: Rebecca Tollefsen


  1. Music-wise, you need to check out Kacey Musgraves - start with "Merry Go Round," but the whole album - just came out in March - is wonderful.

    Mad Men on Sunday YAY!

    And omg omg omg that last picture makes me want another baby right now. This instant.

    1. Hi Kate!

      That is so funny because I had never heard to Kacey Musgraves but two days ago I heard a little 10 piece about her on NPR. They played some clips from a couple songs (one was Merry Go Round). I will definitely check her out!! I really appreciate the recc.

      I know - sometimes I can't help it with the cute newborn photos #seriousnewbornnostalgia. ;)

      Have a great weekend!