Handmade Perfume Oils

When it comes to perfume I am not a one scent kind of girl.  I like to switch it up and try new things rather than wear one scent all the time.

Recently I did the 'choose your own' sampler pack from Sweet Anthem.  The perfumes all go by female/male names and they happened to have a Rebecca scent so naturally that one came in the pack.  Rebecca is a scent that I would choose by the description.  It has notes of ginger, amber and Moroccan fig.  It is the type of scent I would wear often which I have since the holidays.  He also chose Anita and Annabelle.  The scent I have really fallen for is Annabelle.  I would have never chosen this scent by the description of sea salt, jasmine and osmanthus.  But every time I put it on I can't stop smelling my wrists.  I've been wearing Annabelle almost daily lately. I plan to buy the larger version of this perfume and also try some other similarly scented oils by Sweet Anthem.

I also tried out two samples from Phoenix Botanicals.  I had my eye on the scent Amber and Blue for quite some time because the description sounded like something I might like.  When I was poking around in Phoenix Botanicals I also found Bonfire Rose.  The name sold me right away but then I read the description:  "Sweet wild roses, green meadows, gentle trails of bonfire smoke. Beloved scents of Summer carried by a warm wind, settling into a smooth smoky rose, followed by golden myrrh and incense."  Ding, ding - sold!  Bonfire Rose is light with a smoky rose scent as described.  I like that is isn't too overpowering like some rose scents can be.  I haven't tried Amber and Blues yet.  I have smelled the vial but haven't tried it on my skin yet.  I'm looking forward to giving it a try.  

There is something kind of fun about reading descriptions of perfume online and ordering without testing them out first.  I've noticed that most online perfumers offer affordable samples and it's exciting to wait for the package to come in the mail.  

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  1. Hi there! Thanks so much for the shout out! I'm so glad that you've been enjoying the sampler set! :)