Five Best

1.  As always some music to listen to while browsing this week's links.  If you are viewing via email click through to listen along.

2.  When To Say Nothing - the title matches the content perfectly.  Go take a look - I'm certain you will find it amazing and/or interesting.

3.  I'm back to work after a nice holiday vacation.  Here's what I've been listening to and watching while working:
I've been watching:
-Season Two of Boardwalk Empire.
I've listened to:
-Fresh Air with Quentin Tarantino - beware there is uncomfortable annoyance on Quentin Tarantino's part in this episode but a great Terry Gross interview none-the-less.
-TED Radio Hour - Food Matters
-KEXP - Beach House
-Fresh Air:  Critics Picks for 2012:  Top Ten TV show, movies, books and albums of 2012.

4.  I'm participating in a Stickygram's photo-a-day project this month.  Stickygram chose my photo as the winner for day one of the project.  See it here.  Are you participating in any photo projects this year?

5.  Currently loving:  this corner nook, the winter sun, the color and shape of this tile, this cowl, and I will leave you on this note.

Image:  Rebecca Tollefsen


  1. Congrats on the Day One win! I loved that one, but I REALLY love the one in this post, for Home. Gorgeous.

    Also, I just listened to the Tarantino interview at work today and thought it was great. I love Fresh Air and we don't get to hear that side of Terry very often. So while it was awkward and QT was certainly annoyed, I appreciated hearing it.

    1. Thank you Kate!!

      I was thinking the same thing about Terry Gross - she was almost a bit flustered. She doesn't get that way often so it was making me uncomfortable. I like how she ended up just calling him out on the annoyance and then moving on. What else could you do? She recovered well though. I have heard her mention that Gene Simmons gave her a really tough time during an interview years ago but I don't think the interview ever aired. Not that I would listen to it or anything ;)!

      Have a great weekend Kate!

    2. Yeah, I've read the transcript of the Gene Simmons interview - it's in her book, actually - and it's ugly. I'd love to hear it, just for the surely-awesome moments where she calls him on his shit. I think Bill O'Reilly walked out too, because of course he did.

    3. Oh that is right I heard that about the Bill O'Reilly interview too. I would love to listen to that one. I also read somewhere (maybe wikipedia?) that she went on his show later on and told him that she would definitely not be walking out on his interview. LOVE her.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Ting! You have a beautiful blog as well! Have a great weekend.

  3. ooh beach house- hello summer sounds!

    xo em

    1. Hi Emily! I know - I'm dreaming of summer now that the holidays have passed and Beach House helps with that. But you are right in the middle of your Summertime - enjoy and have a great weekend! xo