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As always, a little bit of music to listen to while browsing this week's links.  Today is December 1st also known as 'game on' at our house.  It is the official start of our holiday season. To help celebrate and get into the spirit of the season I put together a little bit of holiday music.  If you are viewing via email click through to view & access the media player.

1. I love Tavi Gevinson.  She founded Rookie Mag at age fifteen which goes to show that she is crazy brilliant.  This week I came across Tavi's beehive tutorial but then began perusing the rest of Rookie Mag's Vimeo feed.  I love the "Ask a Grown Man" & "Ask a Grown Woman" series they have on the feed.  I particularly love the Judd Apatow, Jon Hamm & BJ Novak sessions.  And how can you not love an impromptu candy review?

2.  This app is like a mood ring.  Not sure what to make of it - what do you think?

3. Things I watched/listened to while working: Take This Waltz & Gloria: In Her Own Words
    Rainn Wilson Celebrity Playlist
    This American Life:  Red State, Blue State,
    Fresh Air:  Mindy Kaling
    A bunch of Voices of Design shorts
    Songs Purchased This Week:
    The Uncomfortable Truth
4.  Currently loving:  these pants for Sylas, these words, this planter and these eyes.

5.  My friend Emily and her husband just opened a second restaurant (in addition to the coffee house they also operate!).  While she was away from her blog getting the last minute details sorted out I did a guest post.  Check my round up of great gift ideas for men right here.

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend and enjoying the spirit of the holidays! xo.

Image of my father's Christmas tree farm taken by Rebecca Tollefsen

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