Five Best

1.  As always, some music to listen to while browsing the links.  I had an early work morning today and I listened to this quiet, moody mix while cleaning my work space.

2.  While working I usually watch shows or listen to podcasts.  Lately, I finished this show which gave an interesting look at how the world of ballet works along with a healthy dose of drama (think The Hills meets a documentary about dance).  I also finished season one of The Wire and started season one of House of Lies and just caught up on The Voice.  I also listened to this podcast and this podcast is hilarious (there is a media player at the top of the page to listen to the full interview).

3.  Interesting infographic - where do you fit into the mix?

4.  John, we need to do this right away.

5.  Currently loving:  this scarf, this mirror and this one too.  As well as this cozy outfit and this list of lullabies.

Image:  Rebecca Tollefsen - from our trip to Portland, Maine last weekend.


  1. I love that you work and listen to podcast or watch shows at the same time - that's like a dream!!!

    1. Hi Maria,

      It is pretty great - I'm lucky!. I work by myself so shows and podcasts "keep me company" so to speak. Also, I learn about cool stuff from podcasts which is great!

      Thanks for you for stopping by!