Five Best

1. Click the player above to enjoy some music while browsing this week's links.

2. I'd like to try this recipe for homemade moisturizer.

3. A new Warpaint song.

4. Currently loving:  a new to me blog with lots of recipe inspiration, this adorable photo, these sweet words and this pretty photo.

5. The other day when I posted this I started looking back on all of my Handmade Fashionista posts through the years.  I realized that I have been blogging for over three years.  I originally started this blog in March of 2009 although I am only able to find posts dating back to May of 2009 due to two blog imports that lost almost a quarter of my previous content.  Next week I'll be doing something special to celebrate three years of blogging so stay tuned!

Image: Rebecca Tollefsen

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