Five Best

1. Click the player above to enjoy some music while you are browsing this week's links.

2. Thinking of composting this summer?  Growing up my family had a compost in the non-winter months and John and I have been thinking about starting one this year.  Here's five benefits of starting your own compost.

3. I enjoyed this article. I was just emailing with two of my cousins about this very thing last week.  When I first started mothering I remember judging some other mothers around me.  I have since tried to stray from that because I've come to realization that at the end of the day we are all doing the best we can.  As parents we know our children's needs the best and we have to do what feels right for our individual families.  Isn't it a better use of energy to support each other and celebrate our journeys as parents rather than judging/criticizing each other's parenting choices and spreading negativity?  I'll leave it there since I could write awhile about this subject. :)

4.  Hearing the story behind people's tattoos is always so personal and compelling. I love this slide show of people sharing the tales behind their tattoos.

5.  I am loving:  all of the dresses at Hollie Point Vintage, this idea for outdoor spaces and  I would love to know what these two are discussing here.

Image and design:  Rebecca Tollefsen

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