Five Best

1. I've shared some music I've been listening to this week.  Click the player above to enjoy while browsing this week's links.

2.  Pregnant?  Check out these cute ways to wear a belt to show off your beautiful baby bump.

3.  A few things I'd like to try:  this candy just to see what it is like, this Mad Men inspired up do and this recipe.

4.  Congratulations to my friend Elisabeth who gave birth to a beautiful baby girl this week.  I'm so excited and happy for her.  Have you read her blog?  I really enjoy it and she often links up to really great parenting resources.  I am always on the hunt for that sort of thing so if you have any tips/recommendations on the sites you like for parenting and other kid friendly activities please email me or leave them in the comments below.  I'd love to expand my current list with some new sites.

5.  I can't stop starting at:  this photothis blog and this cute summer ready outfit.

Image and design:  Rebecca Tollefsen


  1. love the music selection! i love listening to something while browsing!
    The belt idea is so cute during pregnancy!
    That new baby is so sweet! Congrats to them!!
    Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Sorry i havent stopped by in a while! dont worry, i havent forgotten about your awesome blog!

    1. Hi Malia,

      Hope you have a wonderful day as well!


  2. Anonymous3:47:00 PM

    Absolutely loved this post. Specially that playlist. Um, who has it in a tab opened up while browsing along on your blog? Yup. Guilty! :)


    1. Hey Fi,

      Thanks for stopping in. So glad you love the playlist - you're too sweet.

      Have a great day,