Five Best

1.  Back in November or December I was watching a hair tutorial and the background music included in it was so pretty.  I couldn't find the name of the artist so I Googled some of the lyrics and learned it was the song Candles by Daughter.  She has such a pretty, mellow sound.  I've included her in previous mixes here on the blog and you click the player above to hear a few more of her music while browsing this week's links.

2.  Babble did a round up of the 20 most kickass women in history to celebrate International Women's Day.  Speaking of Babble, I was quoted in their article on being a stay at home and/or work at home parent.  I have so much admiration for stay at home parents.  I've watched John do this job for the last year and a half and I have a lot of respect for him.  I currently work at home full time and John and I split the S.A.H parenting duties as John works part time.  At the end of those days I am TIRED but very fulfilled! :)  I have also worked outside of the home as a parent and I enjoyed reading through Babble's article on that as well.  Babble creates such a nice community on all of their websites.

3.  Here is a cool story about how a 300 square foot home was built in just eight hours. On a similar note, this house was built from pallets.  I love the creativity involved in projects like these.

4.  There is a tradition in my family:  when someone gets married they are gifted a Betty Crocker cookbook.  My mother still has her original Betty Crocker cookbook that was given to her at her bridal shower. I can remember looking through it as a child and I enjoyed seeing the vintage editions of Betty Crocker cookbooks in this post.

5.  I can't stop staring at:  these shoes, this hat and this little nugget.

Image and design:  Rebecca Tollefsen

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