Five Best

1. As always, a few songs to enjoy while browsing the links. The Bob Dylan song Never Say Goodbye was John and I's wedding song.  :)

2.  Martin Scorsese put together a list of the 85 films you must see.  Completely rad.

3. Speaking of movies, the other day I watched this movie in the Netflix streaming library - I loved it.

4.  You know what else I love?  Browsing online and seeing a live person model the outfit I'm interested in.  Toast has about five or six product shots for the pieces in their line and one of the products shots is a video.  Take this cute green shift dress - third photo down isn't a photo its a video.  A model comes onto the screen and does a little spin so you can see how the dress hangs in movement.  Brilliant!

5.  I can't stop looking at:  this post on vintage campers, these tattoos and this sweet photo.  Also, here are a couple of Tumblrs I've been browsing on lately:  one and two.

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