Five Best

1. As always, a couple of songs to listen to while browsing the links. If you're using an iPad/iphone you can go here to see if your device is compatible with Grooveshark.  RSS/Email subscribers can click through to the full post to hear the songs I chose this week.

2.  I love this photo by Brooke Shadan.  These are also amazing:  one, two.  Take a scroll through her Flickr photostream.  Her work is haunting and beautiful and I love how she gives the story behind each piece.

3. I've been hearing a lot about this on the internet lately:  Cabin Porn.  Just wanted to share this site in case you haven't been turned on to it yet.  ....pun 100% intended...

4. I'm on a quest to find the perfect black bean and/or quinoa burger recipe.  Here are some recipes I'd like to work with:  onetwothree.  Number two is winning right now.

5.  Can't stop looking at:  this photo, this dress and these ideas.

Image and design: Rebecca Tollefsen


  1. Hi Rebecca,

    I'm always looking for veggie burger ideas. Thanks for the lead on the three burgers in your post today. Oh, and Cabin Porn - OMG! There are many in that collection that I would like to be my new neighborhood. I love your "Five Best Things" posts!


    1. Hi Kim!

      I've seen the Cabin Porn site linked a few different places and it gets me every time! I love that site.

      Looking forward to any veggie burger recipes you may post about as well!

      Have a great weekend,