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February One by Rebecca on Grooveshark

1. As always a couple of songs to start the weekend off right.  Click above to listen along while browsing this week's links.  Between Mixpod and Grooveshark I have three mixes going right now that I love so I took a song from each of them to share with you today.

2. I just discovered this gem yesterday.  Leave it to Martha to have a smoothie app!

3.  Love these DIY cardboard stables and castles.  Kids can get super creative by hand decorating them as well.  I love DIYs and especially ones that involve reusing items - if you have any that you love please let me know.

4. My sweet tooth might prevail.  A very sweet lady sent me this recipe.  And how about this and this. Speaking of recipes - my Three Snack Ideas recipe post was picked up by The Food Daily this week.  See it here.

5. I love to stare at this photo, this coat and this television show.

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Image and Design:  Rebecca Tollefsen

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