Five Best

1. As always, in order to start the weekend off right - some music to listen to while browsing the links.

2.  Lots of talk about Portlandia since season two just started up.  Here are three of my favorite Portlandia shorts:  one, two and three

3.  I did an interview over on the lovely Manic Mrs. Stone blog -  read it here.

4. I'll be previewing the new Bob Dylan tribute album over the weekend.  They'll be cover songs a plenty by some interesting artists.  For example, pop singer Kesha covers Don't Think Twice It's Alright.  I'm also interested in this collaboration:  Johnny Cash featuring The Avett Brothers - must be good right?

5. All of these:  Humblebrag's Power Lists, these shortsthis photo, this very sweet post.

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Image and design: Rebecca Tollefsen

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