Five Best

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1. As always, songs to start the weekend off right, click above to enjoy while browsing the links.  I recommend clicking 'video' - the first song is a pretty amazing performance as John Smith does the percussion and drums on his guitar.

2. This Five Best post  mentions how I'd like to gift Johnny a home brew kit so he and his brother can home brew beer this summer. I was thrilled to see this post from one of my regular reads Thyme Bomb.

3. Can't stop thinking about:  this blog and this tutorial.

4. I love Lisa Congdon's 365 days of hand lettering project.

5. Have you heard about Green Your Air?  I love the concept behind this company - two mothers partnered to create stylish indoor plants that bring life and health to indoor living spaces.  Green Your Air has plants that clean your air.  I especially love their brand new white chevron pots.  Use code 'MILKFRIENDLY' to receive 25% off your purchase by January 22, 2012 (ships to mainland USA only).

 Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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Image and design: Rebecca Tollefsen


  1. i am seriously adding secret forts to my list of blogs to read! What beautiful eye catching photos!

    1. Isn't that a wonderful blog? I am so thankful I found that one!