Five Best

1. Band: Local Natives. Song: Airplanes. Live. Rad.  Click to listen while you're browsing this week's  links below.

2. Yesterday I noticed that Danielle from Sometimes Sweet sometimes chooses five things she loves as well.  I enjoyed reading along with her thoughts.

3.The Etsy Blog featured a neat article about a CSA based around art.  Cool idea.

4.  Awhile back I subscribed to the Today's Top Tune podcast which highlights one new song each day.  It has been a great tip-off to some new music for my library and something to look forward to each morning as I gear up for the day.

5. Even though we just passed through gift giving time I am so tempted to buy this kit for John because he and his brother have become quite the connoisseurs of beer - particularly sour beer.  Have you had it?  It is an acquired taste.  There are many kinds and John and his brother are on the hunt to taste them all.

Image and design:  Rebecca Tollefsen

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