Five Best

1.  John's dream goal is to own an organic food truck.  At some point he'll set up shop in some small New England city do what he loves.  This post from Green Wedding Shoes reminds me of what I picture Johnny's operation to be someday.  It is a 'faux' wedding but if I could go back I would use this post as complete inspiration for our wedding.  It looks PERFECT.

2.  Clean is a blog that I follow regularly - you should give it a look. I really adored this post about motherhood.  There parts of it that I felt so connected with.

3.  This post from Simple Mom has super great tips on implementing green practices in your home.  I was happy to find that we're already practicing 21 out of the 40!  Just think - if we all practice a couple more from the list we can collectively chip away at making an impact together. 

4. I love this version of this song.  Awesome collaboration.

5.  And lastly, it was so sad to hear about the passing of Amy Winehouse over the weekend.  Her struggle with addiction was highly publicized throughout the last years of her life and many have resorted to criticizing her all of over the internet.  While everyone is entitled to their own opinion, certainly views can be constructed and communicated in a far less hateful way.  It seems addiction is a disease that many don't understand.  I was glad to see this post and this post take a moment to try to educate others on how powerful the disease of addiction is and how difficult is for people to deal with and conquer.

Top image and design:  Rebecca Tollefsen

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