Winter Farmer's Market

Lucky for us my mother read about a winter farmer's market in one of the local papers and invited us to go along with her one Saturday morning.  Shopping local is something that means alot to our family so we didn't want to pass up a chance to stock up on great products while we could.  It's a long winter in New England and farmer's markets are a little harder to come by this time of year.

This market was located within greenhouses that were filled with lush gardens and the most beautiful plants.  I could have spent my time wandering this part of the market for the duration of our trip.

 But there was much more to see at this winter's market.  As soon as we entered into the vendors' area we were greeted by a circle of harp players. 

 And then we were greeted by the robust hustle and bustle of the vendors' market.  Winter produce, baked goods, cheeses, meats - all locally harvested and as far as the eye could see.

 I spent about twenty minutes staring at and then touching these gorgeous yarns.  The colors were so vibrant and inspiring.

Our favorite place was the White Heron Tea booth.  The service was super friendly and they had so many tea products it took us about fifteen minutes to finally settle on a brew. Hot chai and an all day breakfast wrap?  Yes, please.

I read and re-read the delicious menu offerings but we weren't quite ready for a meal so we decided on a cranberry apple ginger iced tea that was out of this world.

It was so great to chat with all of the vendors in person and learn about their process.  We ended up with cheddar goat's milk cheese from Hickory Nut Farm .  These ladies were so sweet and they invited us to their farm so Sylas could interact with their goats.  We also sampled THE MOST delicious maple syrup and learned about the difference in grades.  We went with the darkest grade available and it is seriously a cut above the rest.  We also came home with some african rooibois loose leaf tea from White Heron.  I am sure I am forgetting many other things we bought and my mom did quite well with her selections as well.   Wonderful people, friendly patrons and a thriving enviornment made this farmer's market so much better than we were ever expecting.

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