MHJ has been rebranded!

MHJ has been split into two collections!  Since MHJ launched in 2008 it has developed into two distinct styles of jewelry.  I decided in 2009 to rebrand both of those styles of jewelry into two collections to be better able to focus on our customers.  In 2010 I made steps towards rebranding the personalized jewelry found at MHJ. In January 2011 I rebranded officially as The Dedication Company!  At The Dedication Company you'll find all of the personalized jewelry and my personalized lockets in our signature mixed metal style that we've carried all along.  After one of my lockets was picked up by a major catalog for the holiday season in 2009, we decided to move forward with several other locket designs.  Eventually we decided to put out an entire line of personalized lockets and other customized jewelry. The collection also includes some simple, everyday layering jewelry that will pair well with the personalized pieces.  Our bridal and gifting collection at The Dedication Company is growing so stayed tuned!  You can find more information right here at The Dedication Company blog.

The sterling and gemstone jewelry styles (like the necklace above) you've found at MHJ will now be carried under the name Rebecca Tollefsen Design.  The collection will eventually include accessories as well.  Updates on the Rebecca Tollefsen Design collection will be forthcoming and you can stay tuned by following along right here on the blog. With the two styles of jewelry now separated I'll be able to better focus on the customers that are drawn to each aesthetic.  Exciting times ahead! Thank you for following along with my line while it evolves and grows!  xo

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