Music Through The Ages

Sweet vintage action in full effect here.  I continue to try actions out to see what I think and then don't end up loving them.

When I was eleven years old I had developed a fondness for The Beatles so my parents bought me a records player for my birthday.  They thought I might like to listen to their records as many of their albums were from the same era as The Beatles. The record player and their extensive collection of records stayed with me throughout the years. When Sylas was born we moved several things, including our record player, to our basement to make room for his toy room.  The other day Sylas learned how to open the hutch that we store our CD collection in. This was like a goldmine to him. He spent quite a while disassembling our collection. John mentioned that we should just get rid of the CDs. I told him that one day those CDs would be to Sylas what my parent's record collection was to me. We ended up getting out our box of records and going through each one. John asked me my favorite song on each album. It eventually lead to us getting the record player out of the basement to listen to our collection. Unfortunately, the record player is now playing too slowly. I haven't had a chance to take a look at it to see if I can get her up and running. Above are some of the records I enjoyed most throughout the years. King Crimson, Steve Miller Band, Joan Armatrading, CSN&Y, Van Morrison and Cream. Wouldn't the Cream album cover make the best kitchen art?.  We have framed many of the records in our collection throughout the years because they make such great wall art.  I love the history behind the records.  My dad must have traveled with his records often, sharing his favorite bands at gatherings and with his friends.  He would write his name on each one so it was sure to always make it back to his hands after sharing.  Anyone have a record player they aren't using much these days?  We'd love to borrow it for a bit.


  1. nice! we have a few record players but only one that works... i love finding "new" old ones to listen to!~margo

    1. Hi Margo!! I know! It is like re-discovering new music. And at the same time bringing back some nostalgic memories. THE BEST!