The First of December

I don't remember how it all began but for years we've been referring to the first of December as 'Game On', as in let the celebrating begin. John and I celebrate during the month by leaving each other little gifts around the house for each other to find.  The first of December starts our annual tradition and things can get pretty silly.  We try to out-do each other by leaving gifts in funny spots around the house.  I've definitely opened up the refrigerator to find a candle waiting for me.  My mom also partakes in the tradition by having a gift delivered to me on December 1st each year.  Above is what went down today.  John and I had to laugh because our gifts were so similar to one another.  I gave him this resource/cookbook because we are striving to make both healthy and environmentally conscious food choices and generally don't have any idea what we are doing :). John gave me this magazine about urban farming.  We don't have a lot of gardening space to work with and I am always telling John about how we need to get creative about growing our own food.  I'm hopeful that we'll have a little garden on our porch again this summer.  My mom sent along three sweet handmade ornaments for us.  My mom is an extremely generous and thoughtful person.  This year she gave Sylas a beautiful wooden train that is an advent calendar.  The train has a little drawer for each day leading up to Christmas and my mom filled them all with a treat or a note giving us instructions to find our gift among a bag of wrapped presents.  For today the note read "open package that says Game On".  

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  1. Oh my gosh, this looks like SO much fun!!! I might have to start this with my husband, right now! Awesome family tradition :)